• Azərbaycanda tütünlə mübarizə sahəsində dövlət-özəl sektor tərəfdaşlığının əhəmiyyətinə həsr olunmuş dəyirmi masa keçirildi
  • PHRC hosts roundtable devoted to the presentation of mobile app “Tütündən imtina et” (Give up smoking) and improvement tobacco control legislation in Azerbaijan
  • PHRC hosts training on “Management of health-care system reforms. Health Economics”
  • New website - www.ebmg.az (Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines) launched
  • Scientific-practical seminar on “Multidisciplinary approaches to managing hemophilia” held at PHRC
  • PHRC, REC and Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Foundation sign tripartite cooperation agreement
  • Astana hosts Global Conference on Primary Health Care
  • Evidence-based medicine guidelines to be translated into Azerbaijani
  • PHRC hosts educational meeting on implementing of Continuous Medical Education (CME)

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12 MARCH 2015

PHRC held its regular interagency meeting

On March 11, 2015 the Public Health and Reforms Centre of the Ministry of Health (PHRC) held its regular interagency meeting.

The representatives of the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, National Center for AIDS Prevention, Secretariat of the Country Coordinating Commission of the Ministry of Health, the "Mother and Child" Project of the Ministry of Health, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), WHO country office, the World Bank, United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA), "Educational Center for Youth" and PHRC were present at the meeting.

PHRC Director, Jeyhun Mammadov, informed about the implemented projects:  ‘A final report on the Survey to monitor a compulsory medical examination of children has been released. The survey results will be presented on March 18, 2015 and shared with health center responsible executives. Also, the findings of "Research Survey on the prevalence of risk factors for noncommunicable diseases among women in Azerbaijan" have been presented. This research was carried out on the basis of a comparative analysis of the surveys on Demography and Health, conducted in 2006 and 2011’.

Director shared information about the initiated update of clinical protocols on maternal and child health, previously approved by the Ministry of Health in years 2008-2009. J.Mammadov noted that within Gavi’s "Health System Strengthening in Azerbaijan” project PHRC had produced a promotional video "Healthy mother, healthy baby", and also designed relevant poster and leaflet. ‘The primary goal of the project is to help ensure that prospective mothers take control of their own and infant’s health care’, he said.  

WHO country office expert, Javakhir Suleymanova, gave details on the planned activities to celebrate World Health Day, April 7: ‘In this regard, press releases issued, leaflets and posters designed and produced jointly with PHRC. Also, a short animated film on food safety developed by WHO has been translated into Azerbaijani by PHRC and will be further aired and promoted among general public’.

UAFA Manager, Zuleikha Najafova, noted about the work done by the community-based rehabilitation centers. Tarana Taghizadeh, Coordinator of the Ministry of Health’s "Mother and Child" project, told about conferences and seminars held on this issue.

Scientific Secretary of the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology Leyla Mammadova noted a series of lectures for obstetricians and gynecologists on maternal health support had been launched with the participation of international experts. ‘Training courses in family planning and reproductive health are run for physicians (in premarital medical examination offices). Besides, manuals and leaflets on adolescent reproductive health are developed, neonatal and obstetrical services are evaluated and monitored’, she added.

Head of the Organization and Methodology department at the Republican AIDS Center, Eldaniz Muradov, informed about the completion of the research on sentinel surveillance among risk groups. Afag Novruzova, Technical Coordinator at the Country Coordination Commission Secretariat of the Ministry of Health gave information about the work done on the AIDS and tuberculosis projects.

UNICEF's Youth and Adolescent Development program specialist, Natig Umarov highlighted surveys were conducted among youth within the latest National (state) youth Program. The World Bank representative (Health Specialist at the World Bank), Elvira Anadolu placed an emphasis on future projects on this issue.

PHRC staff member, Rasim Aliyev gave a presentation about the launch of the new PHRC website, ‘The information on the website is now available in three languages ’, he said.
    The invited guest of the regular interagency meeting, Executive Director of the "Education Center for Youth" Fakhraddin Hasanzadeh delivered a presentation on activities of the organization: ‘For 15 years, we have been organizing diverse public health events such as the "Youth Health Forum", "Regional Youth Health Forum" and blood donation campaigns, inclusive education, as well as activities on youth reproductive health’.

The meeting was followed by exchange of views on the issues of interest on the presentation.