• Diqqət! Tütündən imtina üzrə “Qaynar xətt” fəaliyyət göstərir
  • Fiziki aktiv ol!
  • Roundtable on "Make every day No-Tobacco Day" held with participation of art figures and mass media representatives
  • Sağlam həyat tərzi seç!
  • PHRC representatives take part at WHO European High-level Conference in Turkmenistan
  • Azerbaijan hosts round table devoted to the importance of public-private partnership within the frame of tobacco control
  • New website - www.ebmg.az (Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines) launched
  • Scientific-practical seminar on “Multidisciplinary approaches to managing hemophilia” held at PHRC
  • PHRC, REC and Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Foundation sign tripartite cooperation agreement
  • İSİM işə qəbul elan edir. Vakansiyalarla burada tanış ola bilərsiniz!

Completed projects

15 DECEMBER 2022
29 DECEMBER 2020
Air pollution of the Baku city with PM 2.5 particles and bringing the pollution to the acceptable level specified in the WHO European Bureau Air Quality Guidelines UPDATED: 29 DECEMBER 2020
31 MARCH 2020
"Improvement of multisectoral tobacco control mechanisms in Azerbaijan" project
27 DECEMBER 2019
Methodological recommendations on "Management of urinary tract infections in children".
26 DECEMBER 2019
A survey on the use of antibiotics was conducted among the population in Azerbaijan
25 DECEMBER 2019
A Global School Personnel Survey within the Global Tobacco Surveillance System (GTSS)
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