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An educational event on "Smoking is harmful for health" was held

On November 3, 2022, the Public Health and Reforms Center of the Ministry of Health held an educational event on "Smoking is harmful for health" at the "Yaşa" center.

The purpose of the event, which was organized in cooperation with "The third spring" Public Union, was to promote a healthy lifestyle among elderly people, to talk about the dangerous effects of smoking and other harmful habits on health.

Laura Guliyeva, Head of the Health Communication Department of PHRC, made a presentation and stated that extensive education is being conducted in our country in the direction of protecting the health of the population: "Health workers and public health specialists promote a healthy lifestyle, the importance of quit smoking and other harmful habits". She emphasized that getting rid of addiction caused by harmful habits is possible at any age and it is never too late to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Tofig Musayev, Head of the Public Health Department of PHRC, pointed out that bad habits are the main risk factor for non-communicable diseases: "Each year, 8 million people die as a result of smoking. Unfortunately, 1 million of them are is a passive smokers".

Narkhanim Pashayeva, the representative of the Union, made a speech and stated that harmful habits have a negative impact on health, the environment and society, and highly appreciated the work done by health workers in the direction of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At the event, questions of participants were answered and educational materials were presented to them.