The PHRC representatives participated in the event on the prevention of non-communicable diseases in Bishkek | İСTİMAİ SƏHİYYƏ və İSLAHATLAR MƏRKƏZİ

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24 JUNE 2022

The PHRC representatives participated in the event on the prevention of non-communicable diseases in Bishkek

On June 21-22, 2022, in Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. an event to expand the policy dialogue on obesity control, nutrition, prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and analyze the measures taken in this direction was held by the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO). Representatives of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries, health and medical workers, public health specialists and experts were represented at the event. Inara Makayeva, head of the Monitoring and Analysis Department of the Public Health and Reforms Center of the Ministry of Health, Tofig Musayev, head of the Public Health Department and Laura Guliyeva, head of the Health Communication Department, Elturan Ismayilov, public health specialist of WHO and head of the NCD program, TABIB representatives - Jeyran Abdullayeva and Zulfiyya Kazimzade participated in the event.

In the speeches of the head of WHO's European Bureau for NCD prevention and control Mr. Kremlin Wickramasinghe,, and other experts, it was again emphasized that NCDs are considered to be the main cause of disability, illness and death that threaten human health in the region and in the over the world. In the presentations of the experts, it was noted that despite the important steps taken to reduce the burden of NCDs, problems still remain in this field.

Taking into account the current problems, the main goal of the seminar was to acquaint the participants with the results of the analyzes conducted within the fight against non-communicable diseases in various countries of the region, to teach practical knowledge by presenting created methods and concepts, to show the rules of their use based on real conditions, as well as to discuss the next stages of the projects with representatives from the Republics of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

At the seminar, the results of the pilot projects held in the regional countries were analyzed, the reports of the participating countries were listened, and an effective exchange of ideas in direction of further expansion of activities took place.