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28 NOVEMBER 2019

The Police Academy held an event on the topic "Main directions of tobacco control"

On November 27, 2019, the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) held an event on the topic "Main directions of tobacco control" with the participation of officers and cadets.

Main purpose of the event organized by the Public Health and Reforms Centre of the Ministry of Health (PHRC) within the framework of the project "Improvement of multisectoral tobacco control mechanisms in Azerbaijan" was to educate young generation about the harmful effects of smoking and tobacco smoke and at the same time inform future security guards about the main directions of tobacco control.

The event was opened by the Chief of the Police Academy, Police Major General, Doctor of Legal Sciences Nazim Aliyev. Noting that young people in our country are covered by special care, N.Aliyev stressed that healthy development, education and moral education of the new generation are always at the focus of attention.

Speaking about the importance of awareness-raising activities in educational institutions, Head of the Project Coordination Department of PHRC Sabina Babazade said that the essence of the Law "On Restrictions on the Use of Tobacco Products" applied in our country is to protect the health of people who do not use tobacco products, as well as those who use tobacco products. Head of Population Health Department of PHRC Tofig Musayev made a presentation, providing detailed information on the harmful effects of tobacco on the human body and the environment: "A burning cigarette produces more than 7 thousand different chemical substances, including more than 70 substances creating cancer. As a result of smoking, about 10 billion toxic cigarette butts are discharged into the environment every day and 770 thousand tons of waste is formed from cigarette butts in a year. Head of Division of the Social Legislation Department of the Milli Majlis Apparatus Adil Valiyev stressed the great importance of state support in the fight against smoking, the laws adopted and the purposeful measures taken in this field. Head of the "Administrative activities of the internal affairs agencies" Department of the Police Academy of the MIA, Colonel of Police, PhD in Law Rafig Najafguliyev made a presentation and gave detailed information about the role of the police in the implementation of anti-tobacco measures. Head of Health Communication Department of PHRC Laura Guliyeva called on young people to stay away from bad habits and to contribute to the promotion and campaign activities to reduce tobacco use in our country.

In the end, educational materials prepared and printed by PHRC were distributed to the participants.

You can see the photos from the event here.