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Monitoring of mandatory dispanserization of children UPDATED: 22 JANUARY 2016

The State Program on Mandatory Health Screening of Children (2013-2017) includes the activities aimed at improvement of the capacity of public health institutions, provision of diagnostic equipment and chemical reagents for laboratory tests, improvement of medical personnel skills and organization of awareness raising activities among the general public. The responsibility for development of and carrying out the monitoring an evaluation mechanisms to assess the implementation of this State Program is delegated to the Public Health and Reforms Center (PHRC) of Ministry of Health.

In order to organize the monitoring of implementation of the screening and evaluate the immediate results of it, the PHRC conducted the special asessment in Baku city during the period of October-December 2014. The assessment included the specially designed survey and focus group discussions with three different groups of target population, including  school children of 6-10th grades, parents and pediatricians. The survey was conducted in 11 regions of Baku city. Survey was aimed at evaluating the perceived health status of children, participation in the dispanserization (health screening) activities in the polyclinics or schools, any identified health problems, level of physical activities, eating habits, harmful habits including tobacco smoking, as well as the level of knowledge and understanding of reproductive health issues. The monitoring helped to identify the level of public's understanding and knowledge of mandatory healths screening of children and any barriers for its successful implementation.

As the results of monitoring activities, the report on monitoring of the mandatory health screening of children in Baku city and on overall health status of children was developed. The results were presented on March 18, 2015 at the workshop organized by PHRC. The event was attended by leading pediatric experts, heads of polyclinics, representatives of Baku City Education Department and public health specialists. 


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