Schoolchildren friends were given first aid training | İСTİMAİ SƏHİYYƏ və İSLAHATLAR MƏRKƏZİ

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28 APRIL 2022

Schoolchildren friends were given first aid training


From March 1 to April 28, training on providing first aid to Ыchoolchildren friends was held by specialists of the Public Health and Reforms Center of the Ministry of Health under the organization support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The main purpose of the trainings is to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants in the direction of providing first medical aid, to ensure that the provision of first aid to students and school staff during emergency situations is more efficient and useful.

During the trainings conducted by Shamil Kalyayev, Deputy head of the Medical Quality Standards Department, and Ulkar Jamalova, Deputy head of the Project Coordination Department of PHRC, the participants were given theoretical and practical information on first aid rules for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, wounds, bleeding, burns, poisoning, fractures, and epilepsy.