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PHRC representative made a presentation at a virtual regional meeting on health technology assessment in Ukraine

The HTAi Regional Meeting in Ukraine was a virtual event taking place on September 8-11, 2020. The purpose of the meeting is to offer HTA education and training followed by a workshop that builds on regional HTA experiences and facilitates the continuous cycle to develop HTA capacity. The theme of the meeting was interagting HTA into healthcare reforms in emerging settings. The meeting was organized by HTAi with support from USAID’s SAFEMed project, which has been working side by side with local HTA experts in the establishment and strengthening of HTA function in Ukraine over the past several years.

The head of the Health policy and planning of department of Public Health and Reforms Center of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan (PHRC) – Dr.Nabil Seyidov attended the meeting and had gave detailed information about the work done in this direction in Azerbaijan over the last years. He shared with participants with experience of republic in his speech devoted to «Challenges and opportunities in successful integrating of HTA into health reforms: Experience of Azerbaijan Republic". Dr. N.Seyidov had also informed the audience about MOH plan in developing HTAi capacity and strengthening its function in Azerbaijan in near future.